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The success of any weight loss surgery depends highly on after care. It is critical for long-term weight loss that the patient understands that any surgery is only a tool to help lose weight and maintain weight loss.

To ensure long-term success, patients need to do their part. That means willingness to follow all the recommendations that the surgical weight loss team gives them while also participating in activities to help the patient achieve and maintain long-lasting weight loss.

Support is a critically important part of maintaining weight loss. There are several support groups available. They are at different weeks, days, times and locations so that there should be one that suits every patient.

Below is a list of available support groups. Be sure to check if a support group meeting has been rescheduled or cancelled before attending. 

Support Groups at Roger Williams Medical Center

Kay Auditorium, 825 Chalkstone Avenue, Providence, RI


Nutrition Support Group

When: 4th Tuesday of each month | 5:30-6:30pm. 

Contact: Leah Hurley leah.hurley@chartercare.org .No registration required


Weight Loss Surgery Support Group 

When: 3rd  Wednesday of each month | 6:00-7:15pm.

Contact: Holli Brousseau 401-521-6310. No registration required


Grupo de apoyo Español

Cuando: 1er Jueves de cada mes | 7-9. No registracion es necesaria.  

Facilitadora: Carmen Diaz


Please note: Subject to change or be cancelled without notice. Contact support leader