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L.S. - December 21st, 2009

Hello my name is Lisa and I had gastric by-pass back in April of 2008. Before Gastric by-pass I was really close to being in a wheelchair. I was a CNA for homecare. Everyday was so hard for me to go to work and do the job I loved. Most time I would just come home and cry because I was in so much pain. I had to give up my job and now work in the office. I was taking medication for high blood pressure, high cholestrol. And using a machine to sleep at night. To walk from my house to my car was very hard . Breathing was hard walking was very hard. I thank god everyday for my husband who kept me going. Fighting to get me back to my life I wanted to live. The start to a new life.

I first start this journey because I had such a bad hip that I could hardly get around. I was told from a Doctor that they would not even look at me for a new hip unless I would drop 75lbs. That is when someone had told me about looking into Gastric by-pass. Because lets face it I could hardly move how would I ever take off 75lbs with no help. I could not exercise I was in to much pain. Then someone told me about Dr. Pohl. My 1st angel and who would have thought that this Angel would come with a Team of Angels. I decided to go with Dr. Pohl and have the surgery. I got so much more from this then just a new hip. I got my life back. Before I met Dr. Pohl I was way over 300lbs close to 400lbs I don't think anyone knew how close I was or they did not want to admit it. I know I sure did not.

Now today I have hit my target weight and I'm happy as ever. Not only did I get my new hip I no longer have high blood pressure, high cholestrol, or have to sleep with a machine at night. I am able to walk over 3-4 miles at least 3 to 5 times a week. Cold weather more 3. I have made so many new friends from the support group that is like my 2nd family. Who will be in my life for the rest of my life. My Mom and Dad tell me that I have my Smile back. I am back to the old Lisa I use to be years ago. I have that drive back. That love for life. Something I will never let slip by me again Thank you Dr. Phol for giving me the tool to get my life back on the right track. I may be turning 46 2010 but I am telling you I feel more like 36.